children play at Community Child Care CenterCommunity Child Care Center recognizes that the cost of child care is a major expense for families.

•  Fees are due prior to the week of care.
•  Our fees are enrollment based.
•  Payment is required regardless of attendance.
•  A $50/child or $80/family registration fee and first week’s tuition is due at time of application for enrollment.
•  Families earn one week of vacation for each 6 months they are enrolled. This vacation is 1/2 price for one week. Please see Center Director for details.

Updated Sept 25, 2019


6 week to 5 years

Age of Child Full Day/4-5 days/wk Full Day/2-3 days/wk Half Day/ 4-5 hours per wk
Max 5 hrs per day
Half Day/ 3 days/wk
Max 5 hrs per day
6 weeks – 2 years $240/wk
2 years $225/wk $60/day $158/wk $47/day
3 years $205/wk $58/day $145/wk $42/day
4 years $200/wk $55/day $135/wk $37/day
5 years $195/wk $53/day $130/wk $35/day
4K school year program
4 or 5 days per week 3 days per week
Before and after
2 transports
Before or after
1 transport
Before and after
2 transports
Before or after
1 transport
$180/wk $170/wk $160/wk $145/wk
Weeks with 3 or fewer days of school will be charged at 4/5 year old rates.
School age program (5K +) School Year
Before and after transport (2 transports) Before or after transport (1 transport)
5 days per week 3 days per week No school day 5 days per week 3 days per week No school day
$110/wk $90/wk Additional $20/day or $190/wk whichever is less $65/wk $55/wk Additional $25/day or $190/wk whichever is less
1/2 days and 2 pm release included Before school care enrollees: there is a $10 charge for after school attendance on 1/2 day of school and 2 pm release. Transport/attendance and is based on availability.
2020 Summer program full time rate is $190/wk

School age Summer Program — To be determined in February for summer

Click here to download the 6 week to 5 years and 4K fee schedule.

Click here to download the school age fee schedule.


Attendance and Tuition Policies

Hours of Operation: Community Child Care Center’s hours of operation are from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please see the Center calendar for days the center is closed.

Registration Fees: $50/child or $80/family due at enrollment. A child’s start date must be within 4 weeks of enrollment (exceptions made for enrolling newborns). If parents choose a start date more than 4 weeks after enrollment then weekly tuition will be charged.

Enrollment contract: The financial agreement determines the days and times Community Child Care Center agrees to provide care at the agreed upon rate. Additional days/time may be requested; however availability is not guaranteed and is subject to additional fees. Failure to pay tuition on time will result in termination of enrollment.

County Assistance: Families that utilize WI Shares to pay a portion of their tuition will receive a credit toward tuition equal to 10% of their WI Shares contribution. This is available due to Quality bonus payments from Youngstar.

Oldest Child Discount: Receive 10% discount on tuition for oldest child enrolled- not applicable when oldest utilizes transportation.

Payment: Parents have the option of paying by check/cash, or having weekly tuition automatically debited from their checking or savings acct. If paying in cash or with check, full weekly tuition is due by closing on Friday of the week prior to care. A late fee of $10/week will be charged for any tuition not received by closing on Friday. Families choosing to use auto pay will have their tuition withdrawn on the Monday of the week of care. If the center is closed on the day payment is due then payment is moved to the day prior. Failure to pay field trip fees by date due as noted on field trip form will result in a $5 late fee being assessed.

Vacation: After each six months of full time enrollment, a week of vacation can be used. Vacation rate is 50% of regular weekly tuition. A notice of vacation must be received by Center Director two weeks prior to the start of the vacation. Vacation must be used in increments of 1 full week at a time. Vacation time does not accrue.

Absences: Weekly tuition is charged regardless of attendance. Parents are required to notify the center if a child will not be arriving via scheduled transport from school or not riding in scheduled pick-up from school. Repeated failure to notify the center prior to expected arrival or pick-up time may result in termination of enrollment.

Late Pick-up: A $10 fee shall be charged at 5:31 p.m. for each child remaining at the center past 5:30 p.m. Time of parent entry via security system is the determination of time. After the first 5 minutes families will be charged at $1/minute.

Contract Changes: Two week written notice is required for contract changes.

Withdrawal from the Center: A two week written notice is required for withdrawal from the center.