Developing life-long learners.

The use of the Creative Curriculum, The Pyramid Model and other selected curriculum help children acquire important skills to become lifelong learners. We strongly believe in the play-based approach in educating young children. Research shows that children learn best through creative play so we stock classrooms with toys and supplies that promote creative, imaginative play. Children spend their days building with blocks, painting, creating unique things out of paper, glue and other items.

Teachers engage children in individual and group activities appropriate to their ages including calendar time, reading to a group or individual, celebrating and discussing holidays, seasons, nature, music and more. This provides an environment where children learn through discovery and hands-on activities. A strong emphasis is placed on learning social skills, as these skills that provide a firm foundation for our children to grow into responsible students and citizens.

We believe strongly in meeting children where they are at developmentally and giving them avenues to continue to develop.

Community Child Care Center provides a wide range of activities to enhance your child’s learning experience. Click on the links below to learn more about our curriculum.